No one can deny the effect this weekend in the Northeast has had on our individual and collective psyches.  The balmy weather coupled by that gift of one more hour of sunlight can offer more healing than a multitude of aphorisms, prayers and meditations.

That statement is not meant to diminsh the benefit of those metaphysical healing tools.  But in truth, our experiences in life, many of which are difficult to verbalize or even conceptualize, can influence us in deeply powerful ways.

Clearly the external events of the day–the economy in particular–has been a heavy weight on almost all of us.  The relentless  barrage of 'bad news' via our constant exposure to the media effects us on the subliminal level.  Coupled with the darkness, cold, ice and snow—a recipe for a smothering  sadness if not outright depression.

Our rational minds tell us that "this too shall pass"  and that we should ascribe to the Serenity Prayer's wisdom "to accept what I cannot change".   But we often find that our rational and emotional sides are not speaking to each other.

So on this 'pre-spring' weekend, let us stop thinking and just feel.  What we are experiencing is the healing  gift of warmth, light and hope.

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