Drove my daughter back to NYC from NJ and took West Street past the World Trade Center site.  Began to see some construction from the corner of my left eye. Seemed to be some kind of skeletal metal structure.  Still have trouble really looking there [even if I wasn't driving].

It has been 7 1/2 years post 9/11.  I still wonder to what extent the trauma of that day effects many of us who were 'there' back then.  I know my two children were living in NYC on that day.  They refused to abandon the City for New Jersey.  I still wonder what effect that experience has had on their lives.

I ponder the effect that day has had on the lives of many young people who lived through it.  And were its effects working on a subconscious level ?  To what extent has it formed who they are today? 

I just discussed this concept with my son who is fascinated by cultural phenomenon from a historical, philosophical perspective.  As the City moves toward the decade memorial on 9/11/11, it may be better able to retrospectively examine the phenomenon.

It is fascinating that Holocaust studies are entering a new phase of understanding nearly 65years after the end of WWII. 

Perhaps time is the most consistent healer–at least it offers new opportunities to re-visit old traumas.

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