My extraordinary meeting tonight followed a rather extraordinary reading with a medium last week.  Immediately my Mother came through. It was unquestionably clear to me that it was my Mother.  She describe how she was before she died, my personality, certain particular aspects of my present life, my apartment in NYC including its location on the "3rd floor" and how near it was to Central Park.

Most impressive, however, was another 'energy' who was brought through–unquestionably my first cousin [my Mother's nephew]  who had committed suicide about seventeen years ago.  He was apologizing for his actions, stated that no one truly understood what was happening to him, and expressed regret over the status of one of his three children, a son.  This individual had been plagued with emotional and drug related issues for much of those seventeen years.  His uncle had all but given up on trying to intervene.  The young man seemed never to respond to any help previously given. 

The medium made it clear that my cousin could not 'move on' spiritually because he was concerned that this son might emulate him–even  follow his course of action.

I interpreted this reading as an offer for me to step forward and attempt an intervention.

I just finished meeting with the young man and his uncle, my cousin"s brother. 
I attempted to gently introduce the notion that there are much deeper dimensions to our lives, that suffering can be part of the process of evolving on the human plane, and that his  father's spiritual progress could be assisted by his own spiritual development.

I emphasized the power of choice, that free will is our greatest tool for transformation, but that no one else could make these choices for us.

The young man admitted to several highly realistic 'dreams' in which he seemed to be with his father in some kind of teaching situation.  He could clearly differentiate this dreams from ordinary ones.  I told him that these were true ADC's [after-death communications].  That they were true gifts of awareness and connection.. They should be honored as such.

He seemed genuinely buoyed by our encounter.  He seemed to have recently begun a relationship with a young woman and spoke positively of some career interests–helping others who have had similar problems.

We spoke together about why his father presented himself to me at this point in time.  The answer may be that he would have been unreceptive [his uncle's belief] at any time sooner.

Our meeting broke up.  I gave him a book. His uncle seemed more relaxed, even relieved.  He gave me a promise to keep in touch, and to follow through with his plans. 

I cannot be totally sure what will ensue from this meeting.  But I felt that in this moment I was fulfilling a karmic obligation for which I am particularly grateful– I was the messenger of hope.   

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