The biggest threat to our own happiness is often–ourselves.
We can be our own greatest critics.  We can exhaust ourselves with self-recrimination.
We can fail to forgive our own shortcomings and errors in judgments.

In case you haven't noticed–we are imperfect beings.
In the bigger metaphysical picture–we are "here" to learn and therefore have much
work to do.

We will all be guilty of making mistakes–some minor, some huge.  Some we can escape
punishment or retribution, some not.

We all know what they are.  We cannot pretend that we don't.

But the path towards healing requires, even demands that we acknowledge our mistakes, make amends when possible, learn from them, pledge to not repeat them–and move on.

Only by forgiving ourselves can we do so.

The difficulty in dealing with this problem is that it may be acting on a subconscious level.  We may or may not acknowledge the source of our actions.  We may consciously believe that we're 'OK' with what we've done and that we are moving on.  But it may not be the case.
We may need to invoke some techniques from cognitive therapy.  We may need to give ourselves affirmations of forgiveness. 

We need to put the whips away. Self-flagellation hurts.  We need to stop sabotaging ourselves because we feel guilt over what we have done.

We need to believe that we deserve to find peace and happiness–to become what we desire.  But it will never happen as long as we continue to believe that we 'deserve' to be punished, to be sad, unfulfilled.

So let's face our demons, acknowledge our pain and the pain of others, learn our lessons and move on.  The metaphysical journey is ours to create.

Don't waste your incarnation!–forgive yourself!

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