I have touched upon this dichotomy in earlier blogs.  What is the great distinction between these two concepts?  To speak of natural  we imply that whatever occurs is discernable based upon either logic or scientific principles.  What confounds many scientists today is the myterious nature of such principles. 

Science was supposed to clarify the nature of reality.  It actually did so beginning in the sixteenth century and leading up to and including the dawning of the 20th century.  The clockwork universe as discribed by Isaac Newton and Galileo seemed destined to completely obliterate the mysterious unknown.  Only religion dared claim mystery as their realm.  Both scientists and philosophers began to see science as revealing a natural  explanation for everything.

The realm of the supernatural was deemed either ignorance of the power of unrealized scientific truth, or the irrational rants of religious fanatics. 

In the 19th century Napolean was rather taken aback when his chief scientist the Marquis de la Place failed to mention God in his description of the origins of the universe.  A true scientist, la Place famously responded, "Sire, I have no need of that hypothesis". 

By the beginning of the 20th century all mystery formerly the realm of God and  religion, was to be banished by the clear light of science.

Unfortunately for those fans of logical metaphysics, it didn't work that way.  Both quantum and relativity theory have provided physicists and philosophers with suprisingly bizarre and even 'counter-intuitive' metaphysical views on reality.

I invite the reader to explore these fascinating, mind-bending concepts on their own. 

But it would not be a stretch for some to question the difference between natural and supernatural.  Perhaps they are two different concepts for the same reality–a reality which is not neatly comprehended by our present thought processes.

The dichotomy between these two concepts may very well reflect the duality of body and mind first articulated by French philosopher Rene Descartes.

What we perceive as two distinct forms of reality may very well be linked by understanding the concept of energy.  If energy exists as a spectrum, it is very possible that the distinction between mind and body, between physical and spiritual, may very well reflect a difference in vibrational energy.

What appears at first glance to be totally and completely different modes of being may actually be different forms of the same substance.  At first glance it is difficult to assume that water, ice and clouds are merely different forms of the same H2O.

The presently recognized electromagnetic specturm of which visible light resides in the center, may reflect one of an infinie number of yet unexploared spectrums.

Natural?  Supernatural?  Let's keep the dialogue open.

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