Suicide–even the word can evoke pain and even revulsion in many of us.  Traditionally, religions have vehemently proclaimed how 'evil' the action truly is.  Hell and damnation are the rewards of a suicide.  Often suicides are not even buried with others.

The causes and suffering that leads an individual to take their own life has challenged the most astute students of the human mind and personality.  Some look to biologic, even genetic factors.  Some believe that suicides are mentally deranged at the time that they perform their act.

This blog posting follows the last because I would like to relate a story I heard from a talented but amateur psychic/medium.  I will paraphrase–

A close friend of my Mom's lost her son to suicide.  His name was Joe and I believe he was in his early twenties.  I didn't know him well but felt the intense pain of his mother.  I tried to contact him mentally–and did.  He communicated to me that he believed he was in hell.  He had been a Roman Catholic and knew the consequences of committing suicide–hell.  He said he was in a very dark place, very frightening.  He was alone.  He understood the pain his Mother was going through and was so sorry that he killed himself.  He realized that it was a stupid act, that he didn't escape anything and that he only caused those he loved to be in more pain.  A week or so later I tried to contact him again–nothing.  I felt terrible for  his family and for him. Where was his soul I wondered?  About a month later I tried again.  This time he came through and was totally different.  He let me know that he was at peace, was in a place of warmth, light and love.  We believed that he was now in heaven.  When I asked what happened he replied– "I forgave myself".

I thought that this was an amazing encounter.  Some readers will obviously question the entire experience.  Could she have fabricated the entire story, or even fantasized that it happened?

There is no 'proof' that this occurred.  However, I do find it credible.  I know the woman.  I know that she told few others about this experience.  There was nothing to be gained by her creating any of it.  And furthermore, there is a ring of truth to it. 

If we do survive physical death, if there is a soul consciousness which persists, then it makes sense that a suicide would experience all of it.  Even the 'life review' which has been described during the NDE [near-death experiences] replays all the actions of our lives including the feelings of everyone we interacted with.  If this is true, the suicide will experience hell–one of their own creation.

When they come to accept their own mistakes, realizing that their karmic journey was interrupted and may need to be redone, forgiveness is possible.  This is not an excuse, nor does it undo the damage to those left behind.  But the soul understands that it must do so in order to move on, to learn, to grow and evolve.

Forgiveness of self and others is a necessary step towards healing–in death as in life.

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