A recent article by Steve Salerno in the Wall Street Journal [May 1, 2009] recalls the failure of 'The Secret' to explain the economic downturn which has affected so many Americans.  How come visualizing all those expensive cars and McMansions didn't keep the repo man and foreclosure courts away?

Perhaps by borrowing a page from Kabbalistic metaphysics we can see just why.
Kabbalah envision four worlds of which the one we inhabit is ASSIYAH the world of action.
Above this world, dominated by human beings, is YETZIRAH, the world of formation.  BERIYAH, the world of creation exists at an even higher spiritual plane.  The pinnacle of all the worlds is ATZILUT, the world of emanation.

Whether or not there is evidence for such worlds, it is an interesting exercise in thought to visualize that they do, in fact, exist.  It may be perfectly reasonable to 'visualize' what you want in life.  A detailed description of a variety of objects, states of mind and goals realized are fine.  Consider that the act of creating them in thought actually does cause them to manifest.  The problem is that they manifest in the higher worlds of YETZIRAH or even BERIYAH.

Unfortunately  we actually inhabit ASSIYAH–the world of action.  We still need to manifest our deepest wishes and dreams in this physical plane.  In effect, we need to make them happen in this existence.  They will not automatically 'drop down' into this world of action by themselves. 

We are the actors, the creators in this world.  There will never be a substitute for hard work, drive, determination and persistence.  These may even trump pure talent and genius.

So for those of you who were 'taken in' by The Secret, you have my sympathy's.  You were not wrong to do all that visualization, you just were creating them in different worlds.  No wonder they never happened here!

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