A recent article by philosopher Simon Critchley in the NYTimes was titled 'How To Make It in the Afterlife'.  He touches upon various aspects of the universal metaphysical question–what is death and is there an afterlife?

He references the Greek philosophers who felt that 'happiness' manifests after death by virtue of your reputation or legacy
I find this particularly confusing and rather irrelevant.  I doubt whether many of us 'worry' about what people will say about us after we're dead.  The real issue is how we live our lives while we are capable of doing so.  Living life with caring, compassion and kindness will take care of karmic debt from this life as well as past lives.  Those who live this way will not have be be concerned about their reputation after death–it will be just fine
Critchley does not believe in an afterlife. I clearly recall the time when I shared this notion.  The transformation in my belief did not come from religious faith or philosophical speculation.  Rather it consisted of the 'evidence' I accumulated from the valid stories I heard from sane and honorable human beings.  These could be classified as the NDE [near-death experience] or ADCs [after-death experiences].  Combine these powerfully compelling anecdotes with my experience with mediums—and you have it.   I challenge the reader to examine the same 'data' and dismiss it.

But of course many will do so.  Their usual method is to simply state  'I don't believe those stories and I am sure the mediums are faking.  I am unable and unwilling to 'argue' with them.  It is not my job to do so.  I can only examine the evidence and reach my own conclusion.  And the conclusion is that some form of consciousness survives bodily death.

But I remain open to evidence that will further confirm my beliefs or prove them wrong.  That is what all good metaphysicians should do.

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