THE TWO-SLIT EXPERIMENT–Physics & Metaphysics Converge

Quantum theory is not for physicists alone.  No metaphysician [as I define it, a seeker of wisdom, of the ultimate nature of reality] can ignore some of its findings. The bizarre nature of quantum reality was recognized by the 20th century's greatest physicists.  They problem was–they didn't know what to do with it.  They soon recognized the value of its mathematics.  Its ability to solve incredibly complex questions with real-world applicability was and is unquestioned.  What drove most of them 'mad' was what it was telling us about the nature of reality.

Now in the 21st century, we are still grappling with the role of mind/consciousness in the very existence of this physical world.  Books have been written by Paul Davies such as THE GOLDILOCKS ENIGMA and a new one by Robert Lanza with Bob Berman called BIOCENTRISM:  How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe  and others.

Still, theTWO-SLIT EXPERIMENT remains one of the most enigmatic of all quantum studies.  It has to do with the very nature of matter and energy itself.  Are they waves or particles?  Can they be both? And does that make any sense?  Can elementary particles such as photons, electrons, protons or even 'larger' atomic particles exist in a state of limbo, only to manifest as one or the other form—depending upon how an experiment is conducted?  Is mind or consciousness in any sense 'creative' itself?  Do we all participate in creating the universe in which we live? Is mind/consciousness as basic a constituent of the cosmos as gravity or other forms of energy?

I advise the reader to Google this experiment and to read up on it.  It does not make 'sense' in our ordinary way of thinking–yet we cannot deny that it is true and repeatable.  It does shake us to our metaphysical core. 

I believe it is imperative that we ponder the deeper meaningss this experiment raises.  It may seem contradictory, even irrational.  But it seems to me that it represents a veil, perhaps growing thinner, that will open our minds to a higher reality.  Like Plato's cave, we dwell in the shadows or the reflected light of some deeper wisdom.  It should not frighten us.  It beckons us to explore deeper.  We have nothing to lose but our ignorance.

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