One of our contemporary curses is the the propensity to multitask.  We all do it, or at least believe that we do.  But do we really?  Are we truly capable of performing more than one task at a time?

Despite our 'wishful' thinking, the answer is NO.  Neuroscience has confirmed that we do not multitask.  Essentially we rapidly jump from one activity to another.  The more we 'practice' the quicker our transitions from one to another.  But we do not truly multitask.

The major metaphysical issue with multitasking is that is runs contrary to a mindful  approach to living.  Mindfulness speaks to the ability to be present in every moment.  It is the notion that we exist only in that moment in which we are aware of precisely what we are doing, tasting, feeling.  Nothing else exists in that moment and we are at one with the universe.

When we try to multitask, therefore, we totally deny the power of mindfulness.  We actually are not living in that moment.  We create some sort of limbo in which awareness is diffused, jumping between two or more activities.

Instead of living in bright, clear colors, our impatient shifting back and forth results in a blur of colorless gray.

Besides the fact that danger lurks in our inability to be aware.

So lets be more aware by not trying to multitask.  Easier said than done.

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