The Sanford/Spitzer/Clinton/Patterson…..oh hell, The King David Syndrome–Why Powerful Men Cheat

Long title for a fascinating topic.  Why do powerful men risk everything for sex with women who are not their spouses? 

As a student of human nature [who isn't?] this is a compelling conundrum.  Powerful men are usually extremely bright, ambitious, perhaps devious and demonically driven to achieve their goals.  Yet time and again since the beginning of our species, they have risked it all for forbidden sexual pleasure.

Is there anyway to make sense of this?  So much to lose and y et over and over again, this seemingly irrational behavior leads to an implosion–the loss of it all.  Of course it doesn't always lead to complete self-destruction.  King David is still considered one of the greatest of Biblical kings.  Chrisitan theology traces the ancestry of Jesus to him as well.  Still, he paid an enormous "price" with the death of a beloved son.  So the Bible does offer "karmic" consequences for our actions.

Perhaps it has something to do with the availability of desirable and willing females.  [I can hear the boos already].  But in truth, ordinary unattractive men who are not rich and famous have far less temptation in their path. Woman may find themselves equally driven to rich and famous men with a subliminal drive that defies rational behavior as well.  In truth, its a bit easier to point to finger at others when we don't have to face the potential of 'turning down' sexually provocative partners.

Perhaps it is just a poor excuse for moral weakness.  We should know better and particularly those who have the most to lose from the activity.

Perhaps it is a case of 'temporary insanity'. This is also not a popular explanation for such behavior. But human beings ARE physical beings.  We have great trouble with utilizing will power to aler compulsive behavior all the time–eating, drinking, drugs, gambling etc.

The sexual drive is so primal, affects such deep brain centers—perhaps they are out of the reach of our rational control.  Again, just playing devil's advocate here  Ultimately  we are not animals.  Being human requires this fascinating and complex balance between our animal and spiritual selves.

It is a constant battle that some of us  win–others lose. 

I doubt if this will ever change.

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