Have you ever tried to heal another?  What I mean is this–do you know someone who is suffering yet seems bent on their own self-destruction?  What do you do?  What can you do?

Is it possible to heal someone who doesn't want to be healed?  I fear the answer is no.

Those who have tried will become devastated themselves by the effort.  They may push themselves to the limit of their physical and emotional strength.  They may beg, cajole, offer help…….

But despite their best intentions, the truth is this:  we are all separate souls who have incarnated in this one particular lifetime  with our own karmic debt and with some unexplained and unrecognized journey. 

Despite our closeness to the troubled soul, our efforts may be in vain.  

 Unfortunately, we are not given all the directions along life's path. Some of us seem to be unable to recognize the lifepreserver that is offered to us and absurdly swim past the outstretched arms of loved-ones, hurdling towards the abyss.

Perhaps this self-destructive drive reflects a miscalculation on the soul's part.  Perhaps the mind of the individual is shackled by their own biochemistry, their own physical brain's defects.  Perhaps life's difficulties cannot be assimilated, cannot be overcome.

It is a sad state of affairs.  An incarnation wasted is a divine gift squandered.

But be sure to understand that your own journey must be honored and lived.

All healing is ultimately self-healing.  We must honor that truth.

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