All true healing is self-healing.  Whether it is physical, mental/emotional, spiritual  I do not believe that another being can heal us.  But to do so we understand our true nature.

Clearly, there are gifted healers.  What they do is to activate [or re-activate] our intrinsic healing mechanisms.  They are gifted because of they skills and empathic abilities.  But true healing requires tapping into our own healing potential.

When it comes to emotional healing, it is crucial that we have self-awareness, that we understand who we are.

I am speaking of the spiritual core of our physical being.  As the French paleontologist and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said  we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.

And this human experience can be quite difficult.  Yet without understanding this metaphysical truth, it is even more difficult to overcome the adversity that life presents to us.

Our 'true selves' are that spiritual being, the soul which [according to one gifted medium/psychic] 'incarnates and observes' while our mind 'creates and reacts'.

We live with our mind's interpretations of the events that surround us.  The soul is that spiritual being which observes the mind's activities.

We need to be aware that all of our suffering arises from our mind's choices and reactions to those choices.  We need to recall that our journey here is precisely to deal with the mind's perceptions and overcome adversity.

If we experience a failure of will, of poor choices and subsequent suffering, our soul may, by necessity, need to return in another lifetime to face the same lessons that were not learned this time around.

Mindfulness meditation calls upon the 'witness' perspective by which we can view our suffering,the emotional storms that accost us, and persevere.  It involves experiencing all the drama of our life's challenges from within the context of a meditation practice. 

It represents the soul's perspective–and will help us face and deal with life's trials and tribulations successfully.

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