THE NATURE OF MIND II– The Soul versus The Mind

Some may question the existence of a SOUL  but for those whose experiences and/or readings lend support to such an entity, the following distinction may be of interest.

When a highly talented medium was asked to differentiate between the MIND and the SOUL, he hesitated, went into a meditative state and returned to the issue.

The soul incarnates and observes, the mind creates and reacts.

Knowing the intellectual capacity of this medium, I "knew" that this was not his personal statement.  It clearly came from a higher intelligence.

The notion that the soul incarnates is an ageless religious doctrine.  The observational component is reminiscent of the writings of Michael Newton who has written about past-life regression and what happens to the soul.  According to Newton's clients, their soul intelligence coalesces with the physical brain of the individual to create the individual's mind.

At times the human being's brain may be perfectly fine and the synthetic mind has minimal difficulties adjusting to life as we know it.  If the physical brain is impaired in some way then the resultant mind will encounter difficulties.  Autism, psychological issues, retardation, ADD etc are examples of a challenged mind.

But in any case, the mind does seem to create its reality and then react to it.  We often drive ourselves into a vicious cycle of fear–worry–despair–fear and so on.

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