THE NATURE OF MIND III– Mindfulness Meditation as Healing

After the previous two postings discussion of the nature of the mind, it is time to offer some sort of solution.

The notion of mindfulness meditation casts a new light on the functioning of the mind and perhaps healing of difficult mind-states.

Attention to the mind's changing pattern of thoughts/feelings allows us to understand that it is an ever changing entity.  How we perceive the mind's nature will allow us to deal better with its content.

Meditation–slowly focusing our attention to the breath entering and exiting the nostrils allows to gain more control over the process of thinking and feeling.  We need to know that the mind IS trainable in order to continue the slow arduous process of meditation.

We can relax into the breathing and observe thoughts and feelings as they arise.  We do not attempt to deal with them at first–merely observe them float into and out of awareness.  We return to the breath.

The result is that we begin to gain confidence in our ability to handle difficult thoughts/emotions.  We observe them without reacting.  We take not of our reactions to them as we witness them, observe them from a distance. 

We soon come to realize that we can tolerate difficult emotions without attempting to dismiss them, hide from them or numb ourselves.

We see them more clearly as inconstant mind-states.  We can face them and survive. 

The process of healing begins when we stay with the suffering and survive.  We are able to make more rational decisions about how to deal with the problems when we have less emotional turmoil.

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