In my search to find a meditation which offers meaning to me I have been experimenting with a concept derived from Kabbalistic sources which can be combined with mindfulness meditation.

It is based on the conceptual framework in which we are spiritual beings possessing a spark of divinity within. Our physical bodies  are the 'space suits' we acquire at birth and which enable us to function in this physical plane known as assiyah. 

As physical beings we have forgotten our spiritual core.  This ignorance leads to confusion, sadness, fear. We feel weighed down by our earthly concerns.  We often speak of being in a 'dark place'.  As a consequence we add layers of suffering to that which life already provides us.

We don't need more! 

Light and darkness offer metaphors for joy and suffering.

Light and breath become one and this meditation involves visualizing the incoming breath as being the light of God, or Or Ein Sof in Kabbalistic terms.  The light fills us with each in-breath.  Darkness is then breathed out.

We can visualizing Ein Sof willfully doing this to maintain our existence and accepting our out-breath as potentially our last.  We realize that our lives are gifts that should be cherished.

The light 'refills' our inner light, the spark of divinity.  It recharges our spiritual batteries.  It lightens our emotional state. 

 It offers us the opportunity to soar like a hot air  baloon.  It lifts us to higher spiritual realms–  to the world of yetzirah, the world of our emotional being. It provides us with tastes of pure joy.

This spiritual re-charging connects us further with the world of mind and thought,the creative domain of  beriyah,  and ultimately to atzilut, the most spiritually refined  domain of emanation.

We can visualize ourselves as being filled with divine light as well as being surrounded by it. We feel protected, energized, joyful and healed.

It is a meditaiton of remembering, of re-charging our spiritual batteries, of lightening our emotions and thoughts, of re-establishing our connection to higher spiritual worlds.

It then allows us to flow into other concepts such as mindfully observing our thoughts and feelings as we focus on the light/breath entering and exiting our noses.  We witness them from a perspective of strength and connection, of lightness of being.  We lose our fear that they can harm us and therefore we can experience them in the moment without rushing to suppress them or escape them.

Light can clear away darkness and the fog of despair which slows and impairs our healing. It can remind us of our true nature.

Try it.




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