SELF-HEALING CANCERS –fact or fiction

The October 27th New York Times had an article regarding cancers which can "vanish" without treatment.  Written by Gina Kolata who referred to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it analyzed the rare but documented phenomena which has occurred from time to time.  Apparently certain breast and testicular cancers can and do shrink and disappear.

The exact mechanisms by which such cancers can spontaneously disappear are not fully understood.  But clearly the immune system must contribute to this phenomenon.

Yet under what circumstances could the immune system, previously incapable of preventing the malignancy, now stage a powerful comeback?

Perhaps we can invoke some degree of mind/body interaction.  Perhaps the individual's immune system has become energized due to a reduction in those factors which may have impaired it to begin with.

Perhaps one's emotional status has improved–less chronic stress, physical or emotional–may have empowered the defenses against cancer.  Perhaps a new, powerful spiritual awakening has done the same.

It is, at present, impossible to know.  We also need to be aware of the danger of "blaming" the patient when their cancer does not go into remission but continues  relentlessly towards the patient's death.

The relationship between mind, body and spirit is far to complex to be understood fully at present.

This study does offer hope that there may be factors which may be accessible to personal intervention.

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