CAN’T MEDITATE ?– It’s OK– Even A “Zoner” Can Do It

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found meditation difficult.  In fact it is one reason that I find Patrick Ophul's BUDDHA TAKES NO PRISONERS so compelling.

We all have "monkey minds", the analogy of caged chimps jumping from bar to bar, in frustrated, chaotic rebellion.  It is how our minds work and especially in a world of Crackberries, emails, texting, twitter etc. 

In fact it must have been much easier to meditate in the days of Siddhartha Gautama [the Buddha].  So few distractions people spent hours in repetitive activities.  Meditation must have been almost the natural state of mental existence.

Recent articles in the NYTimes science section describe the "zoner" who mentally drifts off and is not even aware that they have done so.  It is nearly universal.

I'm wondering if this activity may even be a reaction to the incessant barrage of outside stimuli ?

But even a "zoner" like myself can keep at meditation.  I firmly believe we need this mental training more than ever. 

It can be our 15minutes [more or less] of Thoreau's Walden pond experience.  We need to set it aside and honor it.

There's the rest of the day for "zoning", not to mention leaping  to check our latest email, text or tweet.

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