HAVENING–A Preview of A New Healing Modality

I had the opportunity to witness a fascinating form of healing known as Havening.  I was invited to accompany Steven Ruden to Rhode Island where, in the presence of about twenty-five onlookers and participants, he performed a  healing of previous emotional and physical traumas in a strange appearing "performance" lasting about six minutes.

The methods may appear somewhat familiar to those who know the work of Roger Callahan's TFT [thought field therapy] and Gary Craig's EFT [emotional freedom therapy].  It involves a series of tapping on the face and forehead along what might appear to be acupressure meridian lines. The rest of the technique should await official publication  by Steven Ruden's twin brother Ronald

As a student of various forms of healing I can only state that the results were compelling.

What makes the Havening approach unique is that its mechanism has been elucidated down to the molecular level.  The breakthrough that Ruden has achieved is to link traumatic events and the subsequent suffering that ensues with brain neurotransmitters.

According to this theory [an apparently established by neuroscientific research] periods of extreme stress result in the release in the brain of dopamine and norepinephrine.  These prepare the organism for "fight or flight".  In the animal kingdom, mammals who survive an attack or escape one  are  subsequently relieved of their extreme anxiety by the release of serotonin which re-establishes normal equilibrium and allows for normal functioning.

In human beings, traumatic physical/emotional events also release dopamine and norepinephrine.  In some individuals for a variety of reasons serotonin is not released in sufficient quantities to allow the individual to move on with their lives, trauma-free.

In short, Havening resurrects the traumatic event with all of its emotional power, then, through the steps which ensue, produces a surge of serotonin.  This effectively breaks the previously entrenched power of the traumatic event.  Participants report an immediate reduction, if not elimination in their physical symptoms and emotional memory of the event.  The healing, we are reassured, is permanent.

As I noted this is a preview of what appears to be a new and powerful tool for physical and emotional healing.  I await the official publication of the book which should follow in 2010.

I hope to be introducing this method of  healing for selected patients in my practice in the near future.

4 thoughts on “HAVENING–A Preview of A New Healing Modality”

  1. Nowadays, there are a lot of methods and medications that people use in order for them to have that healing experience. It just really depends on how they are comfortable using that product or certain meditation. We have also heard about some healing therapies especially for the restless minds or those people with incurable diseases as well.

  2. I’ve suffered from Bi Polar Depression, PTSD for over 50 years from a deep emotional experience while briefly in the Navy 1957,March 1958.
    Having just been released from a military hospital 1/19/12 Havening was only mentioned due to lack of experience in the field.
    Perhaps you might be interested in e-mailing me in a follow up.

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