NEUROFEEDBACK–New Opportunity for Healing

In my quest to understand the underlying of human nature and the potential for healing, I have come across the concept of neurofeedback.  It involves a brain mapping component known as quantitative EEG (QEEG) followed by a series of sessions in which brain wave activity is assessed regarding the condition to be treated and the relative amounts of alpha, beta, delta and theta wave frequencies.

I admit that my interest remains open-minded but skeptical at present.  Some preliminary data seem to equate its effectiveness in ADHD with medical therapy.  This, in itself, would provide a tremendous healing tool.  Other work with autism, addiction, emotional disorders, cognitive dysfunction after traumatic injuries and dementia  have been utilized as well.

I will hopefully begin a study of  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) patients who clearly suffer from a mind-body syndrome.

There is a bit of reverse logic to neurofeedback and even its cousin biofeedback.  Brain wave activity was assumed to be the consequence of biologic or emotional trauma or dysfunction.  These healing approaches reverses the entire sequence.  It takes the "effect" and alters it.  The result is a "normalization" of brain wave patterns utilizing training tactics. 

The healing that occurs results in better brain functioning.  I will be happy to explore it further and keep my readers informed.

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