SPEAKING TO “J.J”–An ADC from the Lips of a Young Child

Do you question the notion of a spiritual dimension to reality?  Does belief in the survival of the soul after death seem completely irrational to you?

Or are you a believer in the possibility of soul survival as evidenced by ADCs [after-death communication].

In my book META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL FOR BETTER HEALTH  I relate several such examples from ordinary, sane individuals who have high credibility quotients.  Essentially they gain nothing by fabricating such an experience.

I will offer another story just received from a nurse I work with.  Again I will state that she has nothing to gain by making this experience up.  I would ask the reader to make a personal judgment as to its meaning, but do not deny that it occurred as written.

It simply involves the Maria [pseudonym] and her 2 1/2 year old granddaughter Sally.

Maria observed Sally speaking directly towards an empty chair.  When questioned, Sally responded that she was speaking to "J.J.".

Maria was shocked.  It seemed that "J.J." was a close friend of the family who had died several years before Sally had been born.  It was impossible for Sally to have even heard about him since no one had mentioned his name.  Even more improbable, Sally could not have known that she was speaking to J.J. in the chair in which he always sat.

There is a precedent for children communicating with the dead.  They seem to do so effortlessly and without fear. 

I have previously referred to a three year old who would stop her playing, stare into the corner of a room and note that the "ghost is speaking to me".  At other times she would yell out "don't sit in that chair, the ghost is sitting there".  Even later, when shown a family album she noted "that's the ghost" and pointed to the picture of her previously deceased grandfather who had lived in that home.

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