The science section of the New York Times has an article by Henry Fountain on new materials to capture carbon.

That's great but in our carbon obsessed culture we often forget the greatest carbon capturing apparatus of all–green plants.

Recall Biology 101.  Yes it is photosynthesis that does what we desire and it does so completely naturally.  Of course it's been occurring since the first cyanobacteria popped up several billion years ago.  These blue-green algae possess this amazing alchemy.  They turn invisible carbon dioxide gas, in the presence of the energy of the sun into water, oxygen and carbon-based biomass.

Feed the planet more carbon dioxide and more will be taken up by chlorophyll containing plants. 

Hell, plant all the green beings you like.  Not only do they suck out the dreaded carbon from our atmosphere, they provide a toxic residue which tend to appreciate–oxygen itself.

So forget about the technology of carbon capturing and do something esthetically pleasing.  Call your landscaper.

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