If the last decade celebrated the "work-out" mantra for many, perhaps the newly one inaugurated one will extend that concept from body to brain.

Fifty or sixty years ago, those who exercised were either athletes or those recovering from physical disabilities, accidents or illnesses.  Clearly that attitude is much different today.  We can never be "too" fit or buffed or whatever adjective we choose to identify our goal of physical perfection.

I contend that the new paradigm will be to extend that concept of brain fitness….to everyone.

At present techniques such as neurofeedback [which does train the brain has been quite effectively] has seen its greatest successes with children with autism and ADHD, ADD.  But it has been also used in patients with epilepsy, post traumatic stress syndrome and traumatic brain injuries.  Success has been demonstrated in early dementia, migraine headaches, even psychological disorders felt to be the concern of the therapist or pharmacist.

These conditions imply that there is a "problem" that needs fixing and neurocognitive enhancement methods are now recognized as extremely useful.

But what about the "normals" among you.  Would you not benefit from some brain training?

As I write this there are many executive types who are tuning up their brains for the strains of successful entrepreneurship.  Athletes are looking for that mental edge on their opponents.  

And who among us has not felt the impact of incessant sensory and information overload on our untrained minds?

So why not open up this technology to one and all? 

What parent would not want to have an educational program designed for their young child's individual brain wave pattern plus an individually designed program of neurofeedback which would maximize their cognitive potential?

And when this is demonstrated to work, at what age would we stop "working out" our brains ?  Probably, like physical exercise, never!

So welcome to the new paradigm.  Learn more about it.  Don't fear it. Our future is now.

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