A recent article in the JAMA [Journal of the American Medical Association] on January 11, volume 3, number 1 pointed out the apparent proliferation of cases of autims in this country.

There remains some debate as to whether this increase reflects more public and professional awareness or a true increase.  The feeling is that both are at play.

The point is to increase the awareness and to offer some hope.

Until recently the diagnosis was devastating on many fronts, including a lack of effective treatment.

In appears as if early diagnosis and treatment offers the best hope of increasing functional capacity in those effected.

I have written about neurofeedback previously.  It seems to offer promising results because of its very nature–to encourage and train the brain to function at its highest level possible. 

Although neuroplasticity is now a recognized fact of brain biology, it would seem logical that the earlier therapy is instituted, the easier it would be to retrain the developing brain.

We can only hope this promising therapy will continue to be studied and perfected.

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