The new paradigm is brain training.  Its appeal should be to those of us who desire to improve our cognitive as well as emotional milieu.  The underlying concept that makes this effort worthwhile is the notion of neuroplasticity.

If we were not capable of changing–either our emotional perspective and balance, or acquisition of skill sets and information–then clearly no one would bother trying.

The recognition that we can change our brains and therefore ourselves is crucial to any such endeavor.

But as important as changing the" wiring"  through various techniques including neurofeedback for post traumatic brain injury, strokes, dementia,etc [with obvious brain structural defects] is recognizing the power of the mind to participate in the process.

There are experts in neuroscience who still believe that the mind is an illusion–that it is all about neuronal structure and connections.  The mind, they contend, is "secreted" by the brain as any other organ secretes its byproduct into the body.

The problem with this notion is that is simply not true.  Numerous studies have demonstrated that meditation produces physical as well as physiologic changes in the brain.  Musicians, athletes, artists have areas of their brain developed as a consequence of repeated usage.  The brain does respond to the mind.

So the New Paradigm should offer complementary therapy to that of purely physical rewiring.  This opens the door to various types of healing including acupuncture, Reiki, deep meditation, cognitive therapy, physical exercise,dietary awareness–anything that will allow our conscious awareness a path towards healing.

It seems as though our thoughts and emotional state of mind can carve out its own path within our brains.

So it seems clear that the brain and mind are not identical.  Clearly they depend upon each other through what remains a wonderfully mysterious but remarkable system of feedback interactions.

Perhaps there is still room to ponder the nature of soul and where it fits into  the paradigm.

The effort will be worth it.

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