TO BRIT HUME ON TIGER — Do Unto Others, Don’t Tell Others What to Do

I assume that there are many others out there who are as shocked as I am by Brit Hume's personal assertion that Tiger Woods could not find "FORGIVENESS AND REDEMPTION" in his own religion, Buddhism.

As a devout Christian, will Hume now ask Tiger Woods for forgiveness for attacking and denouncing his religious beliefs?

Unlikely.  By attacking the moral basis of Tiger Wood's beliefs [whatever they may be] Hume is guilty of an enormous sin of his own–metaphysical impudence–the notion that only his belief upholds ultimate truth and that other belief systems are completely wrong and inferior.

Of all religions, Buddhism is the most open-minded and accepting of the belief of others.  The Dalai Lama is famous for not expecting every prospective student of Buddhism to convert.  Instead he teaches that they can find spiritual wisdom within their own tradition.

Any student of history will find more than ample evidence to indict two of the world's religions for demonstrating intolerance of other faiths–Christianity and Islam.

In their understanding, not only do they reject the validity of "infidels" but allow the possibility if not probability of liquidating such "evil" individuals.

The concept of Jihad or Crusade was not invented by Buddhists.  And Hitler could never have achieved his goal of genocide without a two thousand year history of Christian anti-semitism. 

 Karma is the operative word and saying a few prayers should not exonerate any rational being from personal responsibility for their actions.  Only actions determine redemption.  No other position seems even  remotely close to being valid.

So what gives Hume the right to promote his personal beliefs on a news network? By what mandate of personal arrogance does he attack the personal spiritual beliefs [or lack of belief]  of another human being?  Nothing.  But I assume an apology and request for forgiveness will not be forthcoming from him.


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