MESSAGE TO THE 44% — Evolution Is Real !!

I had to check for myself.  In an article on evolutionary biology which demonstrates why certain diseases exist in our present population (later for that) I came across an astounding figure–44% of the population does not believe in evolution.

In fact according to the Gallup poll from 2008-9, these 44% believe that human beings were created by God in their present form about 10,000 years ago.

No, this battle is far from over.  Darwin has apparently not won over a gazillion of our fellow Americans, even in the 21st century!

Now I am not naive.  I have been aware of the large numbers of religious fundamentalists who claim the Bible is revealed truth about everything.  Still the number staggered me.

Nearly half of all people I encounter on the road, street, in my office do not believe in science.!!

The concept of 10,000 years is astoundingly absurd but fits the bill.  If one believes the Bible to be absolute truth, then simply calculate the lives of all the Biblical figures and assume the earth was created in seven daysThe birthday of the world is clearly 4004 BC.

But just do me a favor.  Understand that ALL religion is man's interpretation of something greater than him/herself.  What that is, is unclear. 

Understand that ALL religious texts were written down and interpreted by human beings.  There is absolute historical evidence for this truth to anyone who cares to investigate.

Science is, of course, man's interpretation of data.  But just examine the data.

My plea to the 44%–just think for yourself! Seek evidence for your beliefs.  Don't accept the word of anyone, including me.  The internet offers an enormous array of ideas.  Some are valid, others not.

Just use the common sense that you have (God given or via evolution, it doesn't really matter).

Question everything (A Buddhist notion) and look for the best evidence, a consensus of opinion of experts.

Science is not your enemy, religion is not your friend.  Free up your mind to do what it is best at doing.  Thinking !

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