MY SISTER, MY DAUGHTER–A Tale of Past Lives Connected

I quite recently ran into a nurse whose personal past-life experience helped convince me of the reality of reincarnation.

As I have noted in previous writings, the quality of credibility is proportional to how close one is to the experience.  If you have had your own or heard first-hand from someone you know, the credibility quotient is quite high.  To read about a stranger's experience, no matter how compelling, results in a considerably weaker sense of reality.

Despite that awareness I would like to share her experience with the reader. Denise (I'll call her) is a middle age woman of Polish-Catholic background.  Her early years were characterized by an intensely real "dream" in which she was a Polish woman during World War II and was attempting to hide and protect her daughter from Nazi soldiers.  She 'knew' this was in the Warsaw Ghetto.  She could describe what she looked, like what her daughter looked like, the street scenes and the intense fear she experienced during each dream.  She would be running with her daughter, attempting to escape the sounds of Nazi boots.  As the dream ended, she and her daughter were discovered hiding under a stairwell.  She would awake, sweating and shaking.  It was a truly horrible recurrent experience.  Of interest is that she did not know that the inhabitants of the ghetto were Polish Jews.

During one family holiday, she and her siblings decided to share frightening dreams.  Although she had never revealed hers to anyone previously, on this night she shared hers.  At the conclusion of her story she noted that her younger sister was sobbing.  When everyone asked why, she responded, "I have always had the same horrible dream….but in the dream I'm the daughter !"

Now Denise was not totally shocked.  For her entire life, she has regarded her younger sister as a daughter and often spoke of her that way.

Is this "proof" that we reincarnate, that we share past lives with loved ones?

Hard to say.  I offer it as evidence of a true experience.

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