TIGER TO BRIT HUME — My Religion is Not the Problem

In Tiger Wood's statement today regarding his personal travails and hopes for redemption, he essentially responded to Brit Hume's plea that Tiger should adopt Christianity in order to facilitate his goal.

He spoke of his Buddhist faith, the one introduced by his Mother, the one he has drifted away from in recent years.

In effect he expressed the truth about all religions–they all offer guidelines for moral living.  The problem lies in us, the humans who choose to follow or disregard these precepts.

It is how we interpret the variety of examples and teachings that determines how we lead our lives.

Horrific acts of moral depravity have been offered up in the name of religion–as have the highest acts of compassion and caring.

Unfortunately, the belief that my religion is "better" than yours.  Or that someone else needs to adopt my belief in order to be a good human being is fraught with danger.

Once human beings feel emboldened to divide the world into "correct" and "incorrect" beliefs, the possibility of forcibly coercing others to become "enlightened" is present.  Under such circumstances some of the most despicable acts such as the Inquisition or Jihadist terrorism have emerged.  And all in the name of God.

And what about those who reject religion completely?  Are they not capable of exemplary moral behavior ?  Clearly.

So let's talk about actions, not words.  And let's keep religion out of the discussion once and for all.


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