Am  I the only one who is looking forward to March 20 this year, the first day of Spring ?

It seems as if the first quarter of this year should be considered a "do-over" or a "mulligan" as we say in golf.  Its been pretty bad for most of us.  On a global scale we have been hit by earthquakes and tsunamis (not giant unless you or yours died in it), by horrendous snow storms which have killed  some and inconvenienced millions, economic stagnation and frustration,  government quagmire and name calling and by one of the worst cases of laryngitis/pharyngitis I have every had!

Somehow I know that many of you would have problem chucking the first quarter of this year.

Let's hope the year begins on March 20 the leads us all to much happiness and success.  Happy New Year 2010 !!


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