I was excited to come upon an interesting synergy between meditation and technology.  Individuals who have found deep and meaningful experiences with meditation seem open to exploring how modern neurotherapy can assist them and others in exploring these states of consciousness.

Perhaps the Dalia Lama led the way by encouraging neuroscientists to study his Buddhist meditators under sophisticated scanning technology.  This open-minded approach seems most exciting and promising.

The potential for neurotherapy [neurofeedback and cognitive therapy] to enrich our cognitive and emotional lives is enormous and those who have adopted more traditional spiritual approaches are participating in exploring these states of consciousness.

While neurotherapy seems most promising for individuals who have problems focusing their consciousness for periods of time [ADD]  there is no reason not to adapt this technology to assist others in reaching a state of mindfulness in which the mind can calmly explore its contents and NOT focus at all.

Let's hope this open-minded approach to metaphysics, exploring the nature of reality, will continue.

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