“DID SHE TWIRL HER RING ?”—Evidence For Life After Death ?

The following anecdote is true.  How can I be certain?  The Credibility Quotient to this experience is extremely high.  I know the woman who had the experience.  I also know she gains nothing by fabricating any of it.  I also know that she obtained true information regarding someone she never met while alive, after the woman's death. 

The back story is unfortunately tragic.  A twenty year old I'll call Lisa died in a car accident.  Her mother Joan [not real name] was a nurse at a hospital I attend.  Another woman Betty [not real name] has a long history of psychic awareness.  She is not trained in anyway, nor does she charge money for any psychic pronouncements.  Betty works at the hospital as a secretary.  She knows Joan for many years but never met Lisa.

Betty states that she was reluctant to enter Joan's home for the daughter's wake because  "I felt that Lisa would be there."  But Betty had no choice but to enter the home.  She told me that she immediately "saw" Lisa there.  She stated that she knew it was her from the pictures in the home.  She was also not entirely 'solid'.  She appeared agitated and Betty knew that she could not communicate with anyone there.

Of note was Lisa's incessant twirling of a ring on her finger.  It was clearly, according to Betty, associated with her agitated state.  She knew she would have to ask Joan if this was a personal trait of Lisa.  But not that night.

About two weeks later she approached Joan and privately and explained her perceptions that evening.  When she asked about the ring twirling, Joan gasped.  How could Betty possibly know that Lisa would twirl her ring when upset.

This obviously left Joan with mixed feelings.  Betty said she tried to reassure Joan that this happened frequently in sudden, unexpected deaths and that Lisa would soon come to understand what happened and find peace.

Betty stated that she believed that Joan was reassured by considering that Lisa's soul survived bodily death.

Is this evidence for life after death? 

 It is quite compelling and frankly leaves me with no other explanation for what I strongly believe to be a true experience.

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