Recent articles have described the incredible energy and drive of Dr. Mehmet Oz.  As a fellow physician and part time writer I am blown away by all that he does in any given 24hour period.   His TV show, articles, guest appearances and continuing to practice and operate, and be a husband and father–wow!

 Apparently Oz has been extremely ambitious and driven for much of his life.  Not only has he achieved claim as a cardiovascular surgeon, but obtained his MBA while he was working towards his MD.

Some of his work has also included an exploration of spirituality, energy healing and mind body issues.

Oz would be someone I would love to sit down and have a drink with.

Unfortunately I doubt that he would have the time, even if he had the inclination. [I'm not sure if he does have a drink at times].

Dr Oz may reflect an extreme example of a phenomenon in which every second of life is filled to the bring with "useful" activity.  It is something that seems to have affected a great number of us.  Work, drive, achieve.  Now there is nothing innately wrong with great accomplishment.  Oz seems to have been born and bred for it.  But is it for everyone?

I wonder if our culture drives others to do what we are not really capable of doing.  And more importantly, just don't want to do it. Frustration, anxiety, even depression may result from the drive to just do more and  do it better.

What is getting lost in this drive to achieve, to not "waste" a moment in activity which does not move us forward to some goal, is the luxury of just living.

What happened to admiring someone who could "smell the roses"?  And what would modern day proponents of Dr Oz's lifestyle think about the poet /philosopher Henry David Thoreau.  He was known to spend days, weeks even months in quiet contemplation and writing.

There is an interesting distinction between "human beings" and "human "doings."  The "doings" may not feel like valid individuals unless they are constantly proving their value to others and to themselves through their activities.  

 Perhaps we should recognize that we are not all capable or inclined to be human "doings".  I hope there is still a place for us human "beings".

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