I was able to attend an appearance of the Dalai Lama at Radio City Music Hall this past Sunday with my daughter.

It was fascinating to me on many levels.  His presence was both intensively inspirational because of his history and what he represents–the leader of Tibetan Buddhism.  I am quite familiar with many of his writings and, like others, have been left with a feeling of profound respect for his beliefs.

Two of the most impressive aspects of his teachings include his admiration and respect for other religious and spiritual traditions and his respect for scientific inquiry. 

 He actively reaches out to engage other traditions.  He desires to understand what these beliefs are and what motivates individuals to believe what they do.  He does not encourage conversion to Buddhism.  Rather, he says, an individual can find deep meaning within their own tradition.

That perspective alone is deserving of another Nobel Peace prize.  How refreshing and rational!  Such an attitude is so deeply needed in a world divided by  fanatical religious beliefs which promote and justify  murder of nonbelievers.

The Dalai Lama deeply respects the findings of scientific inquiry.  He recognizes that science deals with the physical world while religion should address the spiritual.  When either one crosses over the line, beyond its field of expertise, problems ensue.

The Dalai Lama spoke simple truths–about family, compassion, nonviolence, feminine energy.  He laughed easily and the audience could not help but join with him in those moments of simple joy.

And while observing him, listening to him speak words of simple wisdom, what is most inspiring is his simple humanity. 

I would suggest that anyone who shares my regard for this man seek to be present at some future venue.  You will not be disappointed.

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