Like any other mass media holiday, Mother's Day evokes a wide range of thoughts and feelings among nearly everyone. For some lingering wounds are re-awakened.

Personally, this is a day of mixed emotions.  My mother passed on over four years ago so in that regard my thoughts and feelings reflect that physical loss.  However I feel her continuing influence in my life that survives physical death.  I was blessed to have an incredibly loving, giving, dedicated and selfless mother.

But I am also aware of those individuals who have not been so blessed.  To them, I am sure, the ambivalence of dealing with a mother who was unloving, unfeeling, self-centered and un supportive can be extremely painful.

This may be accompanied by feelings of guilt for such feelings even though they may be totally deserved.

Many of these individuals have become mothers themselves and have struggled with being and becoming a better mother than they had.

Others have dealt with the pain by finding surrogate woman in their lives who have served as mentors and female support for them.

And yet it is impossible to deny that a relationship with one's own mother, living or dead continues regardless of the nature of that relationship.

Just perhaps it is need of healing.

A suggestion is to address the feelings and emotions connected to that relationship today.

If it was good, express that gratitude, verbally, in writing or in prayer.

If it was negative, do the same.  With one main difference.  Offer forgiveness to that mother who was not what she should have been.

Accept that fact that she was imperfect, inadequate, unloving for a reason.  Perhaps she could do no better.  Perhaps she was suffering from her own demons.  Perhaps she regrets what she did, perhaps she remains oblivious to her failings.

Perhaps this was part of your soul's karmic plan with her.  If she did not learn during this lifetime, there will be others. 

It doesn't matter.  Forgiveness is for you, the one who suffers. You have a choice to make.  It will liberate you, heal you.

Have a great and healing Mother's Day.

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