There are individuals who possess knowledge of the personal lives of strangers.  They call themselves mediums and claim that they obtain such information from the deceased.

Although there is no absolute proof that consciousness survives bodily death, the authenticity and accuracy of such medium readings is highly suggestive of such an assertion.

I have offered many examples in this blog as well as my book META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL FOR BETTER HEALTH.

The following comes from a woman Carol I know personally and whose credibility is beyond question.  She describes her reading with a medium I'll call Jane who provided me with deeply personal information which she had no way of knowing, last year.

Jane provided her with at least a dozen highly specific, astounding  bits of information about her present loved-ones as well as deceased loved-ones.  There is no way that Jane could have obtained such information from any sort of prior research.  Especially telling is the relatively inexpensive cost of a reading {about $ 50} which would preclude her paying someone to investigate this case.

Of note is that Carol's father died ten days after his 50th birthday more than 25 years ago.  Jane, claiming to be in communication with him stated to her,
"I died ten days after a major birthday".

Carol was totally taken aback by this statement.

I will leave it to the reader to make their own judgment as to its significance.  To me it provides more evidence that consciousness survives physical death.


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