Is it only me, but are we a nation obsessed with sexual dysfunction?  It is truly ridiculous to observe how frequently commercials for ED are on today's sport's shows.  I will try to count how many there are during viewing the next PGA golf tournament I see.

This Sunday's New York Times article addresses this subject in some depth.

But just realize how every reader even knows what "ED" is.  How ridiculous.  I never heard the term "erectile dysfunction" when I was in medical school.  Of course impotency is a term we were familiar with.  How knew it was such a national catastrophe?

Clearly many men are buying these drugs–the commercials are far too expensively made and extensively shown to suggest otherwise.

It is only fitting that women be the target of this obsession as well.

What constitute sexual dysfunction?  Ah, like beauty, it must be in the eyes of the beholder.

Is there a range of "normal" libido? Of course.  Are there physical / medical conditions which impair such functioning based on vascular or neurological mechanisms?  Certainly.  But that can't account for the vast majority of sufferers.

It seems to me that "dysfunction" all relative.  If a couple shares the same level of sexual desire and libido, regardless of frequency and quality, there is no issue.

But when there is a disparity between the two–watch out!

It is clearly a fascinating topic which will continue to be discussed and probably treated.  If there is money to be made, you can be sure of it.

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