The Back Field — A Poem

Tom  Smoyak  sat  on

my exam table

Removed  his  shirt

"how do you feel, Tom ?"

"not too bad for 83"

"but look at my back, will ya"

"it's strange how these things"

"have popped up"


there were dozens of them

brown scaly

raised edges

wart-like or flat

interposed with small raspberries type




as the rest of him

slows to a quiet

his back




One thought on “The Back Field — A Poem”

  1. i love the impression that one who does not think negatively, life can and will be a beautiful experience. i am teaching algebra this summer, and it coincidently relates to making a negative number into a positive just by placing in on the other side. i admire your acute perception. hope all is well…xoxo ronnie

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