MEDITATION — Now More Than Ever

For some the term meditation conjures images of Far Eastern Buddhist or Hindu holy men engaged in non-doing.  It may seem totally irrelevant, even contrary to how we live our lives in the Western world.

We do things. We are technology junkies. We are constantly in motion.  We multi-task.  We eat and read.  We drive and text (don't do it!).  We look at our Blackberries, I phones and not into the eyes of those next to us.  We seem to never have enough time to do what we need to do. So….meditate?  Forget about it!

But just take a moment.  Do we actually accomplish everything we desire to do?  Do we not find that we are more like hamsters on a treadmill, running faster and getting nowhere?  Do we not find ourselves more frustrated, more anxious, less happy than ever?  Is anxiety and depression any less prevalent?

If serenity resides within our minds ( see last posting) than we will NEVER be happy as long as we neglect our minds. 

Ironically, many of us fit physical activity into our insane schedules.  Of course we multi-task there too.  We cannot even just pay attention to our minds and bodies when we exercise.  We think we will miss something in the outer world, or not listen to our music, or not read our Nook book.  But we totally neglect the training of who we are and were we reside–within our own minds.

In fact although meditation may have been practiced for thousands of years (by the way in all traditions and religions) it may have been destined to be most useful for us today.

We absolutely need to step back from the chaotic way we live and take a few moments to examine the contents of our minds and seek some control over how it behaves.

We need to realize that it is NOT time wasted.  On the contrary, it is the only way to fix what is broken–our state of being. 

We forget that we are know as HUMAN BEINGS, not HUMAN DOINGS for a reason.  Yet we believe it is what we DO rather than who we are that matters.  Who we are is the product of our minds.

Now more than ever we need to remember that.  We ignore it at our own risk.

Ironically technology and contemporary society will push us to adapt one of our oldest healing remedies–mediation.

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