THE BIG CHILL — Give Me Cryonics or Give Me Death

I will be honest with you.  I never really "got" the concept of cryonics–of freezing someone's brain upon death with the hope of some future resurrection in an age of medical miracles. 

It immediately brings to mind Woody Allen's comic masterpiece Sleeper in which he is thawed out by mistake 200 years in the future.

A recently NY Times article  deals with the dilemma of one particular family.  The scientist husband wants to be frozen, his hospice working wife is aghast at the entire concept.

I am clearly on the side of the wife.  Acceptance of death, real physical death is as basic to understanding and appreciating life as is breathing.  It is just the way things are.  A basic Buddhist practice was (? is) to place young Buddhist monks in a room full of decaying corpses.  This is it.  Our physical existence is transient.  Our nature is to be born, grow, decay and die.

This issue of a soul or evolving consciousness is a separate but important issue.

To those of us who either believe this to be true, or have sought evidence to support it, the notion of preserving our physical brains/ bodies makes no sense.

And even assuming a resuscitation was possible–in what condition would we be in anyway?

I am open to further discussion and consideration on the concept but as for now–"give me death".

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