The question of whether or not a mosque should be built adjacent to the site of the World Trade Center property is contentious with each side offering their own rationale and defense for their respective points of view.

Clearly there are arguments to be made for both agreeing or disagreeing with establishing a mosque there.  Freedom of religious expression has always been a hallmark of the American way yet there are clearly those in the Muslim world who will view such an edifice as symbolic of victory over the infidel.

My own opinion is this:  two many decent, innocent family members of victims of this heinous crime will suffer because of its establishment.

This is sacred land to those who lost family members as well as to many Americans who continue to feel the insult and pain of that day.

The facts of what occurred on 9/11 cannot be altered by those who wish to portray the event in any other way–the terrorists were Muslim, their motivation was Jihad.   It is also historically true that Islam (and Christianity to be truthful) establish their own religious sanctuaries on the foundations  of the holy places of other religions.  The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem was established on the site of  Jewish Temple destroyed by the Romans for a reason–to prevent rebuilding of another Temple.

 To pretend that a mosque on that site will offer "peace"  to anyone is patently absurd.

The suffering of the family members MUST be respected. No other arguments will persuade me of this simple truth. Their anguish trumps every "rational" argument in  defense of  building a mosque.


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