I B S — A Syndrome By Any Other Name Would…. Feel the Same

While pondering he nature of this most common and uncomfortable condition, IBS, I thought of an alternative name–Internet Bowel Syndrome and another, Integrative Bowel Syndrome.

Why?  A few reasons.  To me the Internet represents a tremendous source of information on all areas of human inquiry.  The problem is in the discerning what is useful, what is erroneous, what is perhaps dangerous.

As a meta-physician in the 21st century I find it is my job/obligation to peruse what is "out there".  I need to know what is being written about IBS. Clearly my patients will and they will bring their questions to me–I hope.

A physician should be able and willing to address any questions and concerns.  They should not dismiss anything without examining it for possible validity.  At least they should discuss with their patient the risk/benefit ratio of any decision.

To me this is what is meant by integrative approach to health care.  Understand where medical science stands on any issue, including the areas of controversy.  Also be aware of the complementary and alternative world's perspective.

Help guide the patient through the morass of information.

And there's another aspect of the Internet which relates to IBS–the extra angst it brings to many who cannot wait for their "fix" of data.

The 24hr info /news which assaults our minds is something our ancestors never had to deal with. 

Stress offers another possibility to add to the name–Irritable Bowel Stress.


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