In a prior posting from May 27, 2010 I described a non-Buddhist's attempt to come to terms with the concept of Non-Attachment.  Despite some difficulties I concurred with its general notion that we are, in general, too attached to the world of material objects, goals of "success" and wealth and even obsessively attempting to control those we love.

Perhaps another way of addressing the topic is to view non-attachment as a process rather than a goal.  We live in a goal-oriented culture.  Obtain this particular job, earn that amount of money, spend this amount on our homes, vacations, cars.  Marry a person with these specifications. 

It relates to the notion of someone's net worth as something that should be regarded as much more than their total financial picture.

By emphasizing the process of living to the fullest  in each moment  we find ourselves less distracted, less stressed, less obsessed with the future and any foreseen outcome.

This may seem somewhat contrary to the famed "Law of Attraction" in which the goal of any endeavor seen as the key to success.  But as I have written about previously, my issue with the "Law" is the potential for ignoring the process.  It is the process, I believe, which  ultimately allows us to reach any goal.

I am certainly not averse to planning and even visualizing a future state of being.  I do believe, however, that there is danger in forgetting the present moment, the only one that truly exists.

Understanding the reality of process also allows one to thoroughly enjoy doing what we are committed to do.  We can better accept what the results of our labors may bring.  Not every endeavor will bring success.  Perhaps the majority will not. But by emphasizing the process we can have no regrets, regardless of outcome.

And ironically, by not attaching our very sense of ourselves to outcomes, we will most likely do our best in the moment. The outcome will take care of itself.

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