Everything  changes.  We know this to be true.  The rim of the Grand Canyon contains fossils of sea creatures who lived and died on an ancient ocean floor.   From moment to moment the universe changes.  It is the nature of things.

Death is inherent in birth.  We may wish for immortality yet understand that this can never be so.  In fact at the end of a long fulfilling life or in cases of pain and suffering, death is a healing event.

And how arrogant of us to forget the generations of our ancestors who lived and died and who evolved from the first blue-green algae of a billion years ago to allow us to breath air, to live, love, to be joyous and to suffer.

Some of us will be blessed to live long lives, others to die young.  In the span of geologic time it is irrelevant whether we lived nine minutes or ninety years. 

If we have an awareness of a spiritual dimension to reality, the physical body is a mere vehicle by which we experience this particular world.  And, as such, is ephemeral.

As my wife's grandmother Fannie told her when she was young.  "the old should make way for the young". 

It is the nature of things.

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