Could anyone watch the 9/11 ceremonies yesterday without tearing up?  The pain was so palpable, the suffering so great for the loved-ones of those who died. And for all of us–it was a time to remember, to cry and to be outraged once again.

 Can anyone reasonably argue that a mosque should be built on the premises?

I believe this issue goes to the essence of this country,what we mean by the "American Way".

It has been said that the whole world is watching how America reacts to the mosque.  It is implied that the "American Way" is being tested somehow and that we must all comply with the desire of some to build it there, regardless of our feelings and the suffering it will engender.

It is said that we are a nation of laws, a nation that believes in freedom of religion.  It is said that the jihadists will use this to recruit others.

I say–bullshit!

The jihadists will clearly view the mosque as a victory for their cause.  Their recruitment occurred prior to 9/11–didn't it?

We ARE a nation of laws.  But beyond that–we are a nation of caring about individuals and their suffering. 

From this perspective we are different than many other nations of the world–and clearly different from the Islamic nations who bore those who perpetrated the murders on 9/11.

We are a nation of laws–but first we are a nation of caring, compassionate people.  We do not allow our own laws to subvert the purpose of our legal system–to protect the innocent.

So the issue of the mosque is not about what is legal.  It is about what is right. 

 That is the "American Way".


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