I find myself re-visiting previously blogged concepts for several reasons–1) they keep arising in my consciousness and therefore are being offered to me to recall them, 2) they are extremely difficult to actualize.  I touched on this topic over two years ago http://drstevenhodes.typepad.com/meta_physician/2008/08/emotional-self.htm

Our emotional lives are truly where we live.  We may prefer to regard ourselves as rational beings but in truth we aren't.  Feelings rule.  They offer us a smooth ride, a bumpy road or even the crest and trough of a roller coaster.  We often seek the path of serenity to bring stability to our consciousness. 

We are also an instant gratification society.  We demand immediate everything–news, information, emails, love, sex and of course, healing.  Consequently we seek "chemical" substances which we can ingest in one way or other–liquid, pills or injections. Addiction to these exogenous agents will clearly follow.

Being aware of how our brains and minds work may allow us to seek a slower, more arduous but healthier approach to emotional self-healing.  We may be suprised to learn that our bodies evolved with the capacity to combat depression and anxiety.

If I convince you of that truth–will it help you to seek the slower, safer path of self-healing? 

The truth is NO external chemical substance could work on our emotions if our brains did not already possess receptors on the surface of our brain cells to activate them!!

Alcohol, xanax, zoloft, cocaine, heroin etc, etc would do nothing to us.  Truly.

So what does this really mean?  We do have the capacity to empower ourselves by tapping into our internal "drugs".  We can get high.  We can banish or reduce depression and anxiety by rejuvenating our own bodies store of these chemicals.

Ah, how do we do this?  Let's explore this on subsequent blogs.

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