JEAN’S GHOST — “Evidence” for Survival of Consciousness

Some readers of my blog will recall my periodic return to the question of survival of consciousness after death.  It is part and parcel of my own metaphysical journey–to understand the nature of reality.

I have come to consider the personal experiences of reliable individuals (who gain nothing by fabricating them) as evidence for the continued existence of personal consciousness after death.

I fully recognize that readers will question the veracity of these experiences.  I refer to this as the Credibility Quotient and understand why those readers who doubt survival will doubt the experiences.  There are several reasons for this skepticism– 1) they have had no personal experiences to confirm the reality, 2) they have no familiarity with the individual story teller.

I realize that the hard-core skeptic will never believe any of this.  I can only state that I do.  The experiencer has no reason to make it up.  It also conforms with a multitude of other individual's experiences.

Here is the essential experience  I was lying in my bed reading when my cat bolted awake from sleep and stared down the hallway.  I saw an elderly woman, not solid in appearance, somewhat transparent.  She was walking away from me, then down the stairs to a landing.  She turned back to look at me, smiled and waved her hand.  She then disappeared.  I had never seen her before.  After my initial shock I calmed down.  She seemed totally harmless.  I absolutely did not recognize her.

Ah, so what does this mean?  Probably no one story will convince the skeptic of survival of consciousness.  But I will gradually share more of these experiences that I have accumulated over the years.  Some have already been posted, others were published in my book META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL FOR BETTER HEALTH.

I hope they will engender further discussion regarding the meaning of existence and the nature of reality.

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