Although I have touched upon this subject in the past I have not specifically addressed the topic of of diet and weight loss in one posting.  I believe it is important because weight issues often dominate our personal and societal psyche.

Mindfulness, adopted from Eastern spiritual traditions, is simply based on paying attention to what we are doing, thinking, feeling.

I speak from personal experience–we all multitask and believe that is the only way we can survive.  Not only are we deluding ourselves, when we multitask and eat–we gain weight.

Eating while reading, watching TV, doing emails, scanning the Internet etc, etc, is a virtually guaranteed to result in overeating. Even eating socially –talking, drinking takes our attention away from the experience of eating.

The related issue is that multitasking is actually an illusion.  We actually just rapidly jump back and forth from task to task.  The results appear to be simply this–our performance with each task suffers.

When we pay attention to every mouthful, when we savor the taste, consistency, aroma—when we enjoy the experience–we become satisfied with less food.

The result is simply less calories consumed, a gradual and natural loss of weight and a heightened experience of being alive.

This is not a speculative statement.  It works.  Now if I could only follow my own advise! 

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