PRETTY IN PINK — A Spontaneous ADC (after-death communication)

Personally I never tire of hearing ADCs.  They add to the list of evidence for survival of consciousness after death. 

 The following was offered to me by a young Hispanic woman I'll call Carmen whose personal story involves her biologic mother dying shortly after her birth from Lupus.  Recently Carmen was also diagnosed with an early stage of Lupus and is quite worried about her own prognosis.

Carmen's half-sister Lydia had a different mother and is known to be quite psychic.  One morning she related the following —I was looking at myself in the mirror and saw standing behind me a young woman who looked very much like you but with short hair.  She was smiling at me.  She was wearing a pink dress.

Carmen believes that this was her own mother,  whom she resembles,  offering a message of support for her during these difficult times.  Lydia had no idea that her mother was buried in a pink dress.

It was also the anniversary of her mother's death.

Why would a departed loved-one appear to someone besides their closest relative?  This is not an uncommon experience. The reason may be to confirm to others that this is a true ADC.  If the close relative would report this, others might not believe it.  The other person would not be expected to have the ADC.  It could not be viewed as "wishful thinking" because they were not that close.

In this case Lydia was not even her daughter, did not know she had been  buried in a pink dress and definitely was unaware that this was the anniversary of her death.

This makes the ADC even more compelling.

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