Those who are familiar with my writings  know that I have been fascinated by the mental abilities of psychics and mediums.  I am keenly aware of the number of fakes and phonies who claim this ability but am personally convinced that this ability or "talent" is real.

Philosopher, psychologist and all-around American intellectual of the late 19th and early 20th century William James studies this phenomena.  While disputing and unmasking those who pretended to offer legitimate readings, he also concluded that some gifted mediums/psychics were real.

My own experiences confirm this conclusion.  A recent reading with a medium/psychic Lynn Milano from Metuchen NJ were extremely compelling. 

But regardless of their ability and regardless of how convinced someone is of their predictive gifts, the other factor which remains most predominant is free will–our choice.

I do believe such individuals can "see" tendencies or trends for the future.  But they do not "know" with complete certainty what will happen to us or our loved-ones. 

The future remains uncertain.  Even physics speaks of probabilities and possibilities for the  evolution of the physical universe.

Without our ability,  our necessity to make free will choices, there is literally no purpose to our lives.

On a deeply metaphysical plane, free will is the mechanism for spiritual development.

We come here with possibilities, opportunities and certain circumstances which may limit or facilitate these choices.

But… we deal with life's challenges remain the free will decisions which lead us down one path or another.

So I still find such readings fascinating.  They may confirm our belief in a deeper more complex universe in which we reside.  They may confirm our belief in a spiritual dimension to reality.  They may encourage us to pursue certain possibilities over others.  But they are not definite, not fixed.

We all know of individuals who transcended extreme difficulties and disappointments and reach high levels of satisfaction in their lives.  Likewise we know of others who squandered opportunities and possibilities.  How can we explain these two extremes?

Courage, determination, perseverance, making the most of opportunities, resisting pessimism and continuing to move towards a goal are real possibilities for us all.

Within reason our futures are in our own hands.


  1. I agree with the article. There are fakes, and real psychics. Some psychics are lousy, and some are great. Seeing one’s future is possible, but not set in stone as said above, free will comes into play and what was seen can be changed.

  2. I recently spent quite a bit of money on a cherry hi nj psychic and she was the worse ever! All she did was talk about her family and how right she is on predictions horrible experience and she was rude! Ms tollen was the worse experience I have ever had in psychics and I have gone to at least 12up to date 2 were definate phonies tollen hit the #1 spot of phony. Just wanted to pass this on!

  3. Very good article, very well I think you go more deeply into the subject, which is currently not very well focused by other authors, but you know what you’re talking about and know how to deal with it.

  4. There is a difference I think between someone who professes to having psychic abilities and people like me who have very keen perceptual skills that often bleed into the realm of what one would call psychic. While I have had several outright freaky psychic experiences, I would never hang up a shingle proclaiming as much.

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